Touchwood Studios

Touchwood Studios are located on acreage in Bellmere (near Caboolture in the Moreton Bay Regional Shire) 50 minutes north of Brisbane, Australia. The studio is perfectly conducive to the creative process, whilst only being seven minutes drive from all the necessary modern conveniences.

Owner and Executive Producer, Duncan Wood has owned and operated several major studios during his career and has drawn on these experiences in creating the facility at Bellmere. Although he has a love for working in the large format studios, he enjoys making his Project Studios comfortable and welcoming. TOUCHWOOD PRODUCTIONS (affectionately known as THE BUNKER) definitely fits this description.

The equipment list of “Studio One” varies depending on clients needs, but the core is built around a Digidesign Pro Tools HD4 System with 192 i/o. A large arsenal of audio plug-ins is loaded, with a great selection of software synths, samplers and virtual instruments. Hardware keyboards include KORG TRITON, KORG SP500 88key Piano, KAWAI K5000 and ENSONIQ MR-Rack module. Monitoring is through industry standard Yamaha NS10s and studio mains are custom built BAM1s, designed and built by Joe Malone (

DDRUM SE4 full drum kit is in house complete with full FXPANSION BFD library to satisfy any drummer.

With a large array of microphones available and a variety of Mic Pres such as the Universal Audio 6176 and Joe Meek pre, world class recordings can be expected at Touchwood.

“Studio Two” is primarily a Video Production suite running the latest Sony Vegas Video Production Suite, connected to Black Magic Video break out. This room also has a Pro Tools 002 system for audio and doubles as a voice over recording and pre production room. It has its own voice over booth but also shares Studio One’s main room if needed. With 26 inch HD LCD and the latest JVC HDGY100e HDV Camera, this room is primarily geared for the Video production of Touchwood Artists projects, as well as Corporate and music clients.

For any queries please contact Touchwood Productions via the contact page