The Touchwood Team

Our philosophy at Touchwood Productions is to work with a team of people that supports and cares for each other greatly. This is a people business and helping others reach their goals while at the same time reaching ours is the very reason for getting up in the morning. Along with our wonderful artists, the following make up the Touchwood family.

Duncan Wood

Duncan WoodDuncan Wood is the Director and Executive Producer of Touchwood Productions. 42 Years in the Music Business has made Duncan a valuable asset to anyone he has worked with along the way. Duncan, started gigging at the age of 17 and went on to work in touring bands throughout Australia and island entertainment residencies in his early twenties entertaining on keyboards, vocals and through his songwriting. He then began producing other acts. In his roles as keyboardist, programmer, arranger, producer and audio engineer, he has worked with unknown artists/bands, as well as some of the industries heavyweights and household names.        

Duncan has always loved the creative process and enjoys guiding people along the path to achieving their creative goals. A songwriter himself, he also enjoys the collaborative process, which he believes to be one of the key ingredients to succeeding in today's music business.

He has produced and or engineered over 1000 albums and projects, which cover all styles and genres of music.  From Heavy Metal and Grunge to R&B and Country or Electronica and Dance to Pop and Industrial. Duncan has worked on and/or won awards in all these styles. He believes that although genres have their different approaches and mechanisms, the craft of producing a record remains the same.

To give you a small indication of his versatility and experience here are just a few of the artists & producers he has worked with: ANEIKI, DANIEL JONES (SAVAGE GARDEN), WADE ROBSON (choreographer Britney Spears), JON ENGLISH, MICHAEL GANT, BRIAN CADD, OLIVER JONES (RADIO DOGS), DARREN GAHN (Engineer METALLICA), STEVE HAIGLER (Producer FUEL & DELAMITRI), HAYDEN BELL (THE VERONICAS & MARK SHOLTEZ) and many others.

Duncan believes that the music industry is now a multi-media industry and it is both a necessity and a passion to produce both audio and visual content. His wealth of knowledge and skills from his music production serve him well in video production as they are similar disciplines. Already, he and his partner, Caroline Taylor-Knight, have produced numerous film clips and behind the scenes documentaries for music artists and a 1 hour children’s DVD (and trailer) and a large number of corporate videos. In collaberation with Dane Sharp, Duncan has also just finished two feature length documentaries in their "Turning Point of the Game" series.

Duncan is an exceptionally talented individual with a wealth of experience and knowledge, is gifted at pulling things together and making it happen, works extremely well with people and is capable of bringing almost any audio or visual project to fruition with excellent results.

Caroline Taylor-Knight

Caroline Taylor-KnightCaroline Taylor-Knight is not only a very talented singer/ songwriter signed to the Touchwood Productions label, but is also an integral part of the Touchwood Team. 10 years experience in the music industry has seen Caroline pay her dues as both an Artist and in Artist Development. This experience combined with her marketing degree, makes her an important ingredient in the development of our Touchwood Artists. Caroline works in collaboration with several artists and clients as their stylist and acts as our in-house photographer and publicist.  Her role in A&R also sees her liaise with international publishing and record companies with the goal of securing licensing and synchronisation deals for our artists.

Russell Stork

Greg Mackay and Jeannie AshurstGreg Mackay and Jeannie Ashurst have toured the globe before moving to Brisbane in early 2001. Together with their band they were premier performers throughout the music scene in Asia, working from Hong Kong to Singapore, culminating in a regular TV spot on Singapore's Variety Tonight. From there they moved to England, working 'A' List Venues with top artist management, Mike King. Having been seen performing on the UK's Granada TV by the Foxgen Agency (Paris), their travels then took them to France, Germany, Holland and as far abroad as Saudi Arabia. Jeannie's rich vocal style, combined with Greg's Vocals, Drum and Percussion talents have made them an invaluable part of the Touchwood family both live and in the studio.


We also utilize the services of some fantastic professional singers and musicians in the studio and in our live shows, all of whom are a great asset to our business and our lives.